It’s not THAT slick people!! Currently, it does not print nametags nor envelopes. It does have the capability of doing those tasks, but it would require customization on your part. What it does do is organize show dates on a calendar, organize current, past, and potential dealers, organize current, past and potential speakers, organize current, past, and potential demonstrators. It will also organize at least two mailings for your dealers, the first consists of a cover letter and contract, and the second, consists of directional maps, show floor maps, a confirmation letter, and some pre-show advertising.

Question:  Does your software organize everything?

Macros are complex codes that are written by us, for our programs, and control the security features and viewing features.  The software cannot be opened without enabling these Macros.  Our Macros are needed because we are using Excel as the platform to launch the product. If we wrote our own code then we would not need Macros. Since Macros, like any computer code, can be written for good and bad purposes, you should only allow Macros that are from trusted sources that identify embedded Macros. Ours are safe and free of spyware or viruses.

Question:  What are Macros and why do you use them?

I have found the best value for education to be at my local community college, utilizing their non-credit courses.  I paid around $3 per hour of education, there are no tests, and the classes were usually in the evenings. Some courses are as short as one night of 3 hours, and others may be one night per week for 3 weeks. Usually the students are all aged well past the college years, and are there purely to learn how to use computers. My local community college offers around 10 different types of classes for varying levels of proficiency, as well as for specific programs and tasks.

Question:  If I do not know how to use Excel, what is the best way of learning?

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Assuming you have basic Excel knowledge, the hardest part will be recording your dealer information.  It might have been a little harder for me, as I digitized all 98 of the dealer business cards that I had in my file.  It will take about 3 minutes per dealer.

If you can organize paper folders, work with Excel, and use the copy and paste functions, then you should have very little difficulty using this program.  It also uses Microsoft Excel, the worlds most used and trusted spreadsheet program.

The main reason is that we used the common software Microsoft Excel to create it, thus reducing our coding expenses. We also keep our overhead low, thus passing the savings onto you. We created this software with small shows in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

We truly want to help show chairpersons make managing shows easier.  We also want to EARN your trust by showing you how simple organizing your show information can be.  The vision is to have the trade magazines use the lists for calendar of events.

Question: Why are the calendars and dealer lists FREE?

Question: Why does the Show Planning Made Easy! software cost so little?

Question: Do I have the computer skills to work this software?

Question: What is the hardest part when I start using the software?