Innovative Productus LLC

Software Solutions Division

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Product Customization.  As time allows, we will offer to customize your version of the software for you, should you not find the time or have the capabilities to do so yourself.

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Price: $35.00/ Hour

SKU/Item Number: 9100

Innovative Productus LLC

Software Solutions Division

We realize that deadlines occur, and the “Show must go on!”, so we have the ability to help you out in a pinch. 

Should you need your program populated and set up, in depth training over the phone, simple shadowing over the phone, or any other projects performed, we can help at the hourly rate. 

We would prefer to do custom project quotes for you, so that you know exactly what your costs will be ahead of time, before you choose to have us do the project.

The project commences when we receive 75% of the quoted price, and ends when the project is finished, and we receive the remaining 25% of the quoted price.

For those that are fairly new to computers or Microsoft Excel, this is a statement that I often tell newcomers “If you do any computer tasks that involve repetitive work with numbers or text, Microsoft Excel has the power to completely automate that for you!”.  This can include company letterheads, creating complex estimates, computing data, creating invoices, creating organizing charts, custom calendars, driving log books, managing large lists, cleaning up your contact lists, doing complex artwork with labels, mechanical drawings, accounting workbooks, and many, many other tasks. 

If you find yourself using a calculator often, give us an email and bounce a project off from us.  You might be surprised to find out just how little it may cost to automate these tasks for you!

Yes, we are selling ourselves online!

· Extremely efficient using Microsoft Excel

· Modify this program or other spreadsheets

· Create new sheets for you

· Populate or import your dealer lists

· Make complex formulas

· Automate menial tasks

· Artistically render digital logos and artwork

· Manage or create complex lists & databases

· Make your life easier!!!