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Support is very limited, due to the extremely low cost of the software.  We have tried very diligently to insert helping comments throughout the program to help you navigate your way throughout the different pages.  We also have created a comprehensive directions page, as well, to assist you.  There are also your help buttons found on Microsoft Excel, which will help you with general spreadsheet and function related questions.  Please check out our FAQ area which might answer some questions as well.  We also look forward in the near future to hosting an online help forum, as a way for you to publicly ask your questions, and have the answers seen by all.  We will offer 1 hour of technical support for every $100.00 of License Fee on your first year.  This is geared for larger shows, and therefore we will gladly help out with questions on set-up or other technical questions. But if you have a smaller show, I do ask you, please do not call the office with questions for this simple reason; we charge $35.00 per hour for consulting work, and a show with 10 dealers will only be paying $30/ year for the software!!  The answer to your question is probably staring at you either in the program helpers, on a web search, on a search on this website, or in Microsoft Excel’s help area.